Guest Blog Feature: Why You Should Hire a Month-of Coordinator as told by Your Day by MK

July 2, 2018

I met MK because she slid into my DMs on Instagram and no, I am not kidding you. It was my birthday and she said “Hey! We so need to be friends!” followed by a happy birthday message and a note on how great it is to meet younger wedding professionals in the area.

This was my first lesson on MK. She pays attention to detail. She only would’ve known it was my birthday by ACTUALLY reading my Instagram post’s caption. Brides, I know you value attention to detail and this was her not even trying to be detail oriented! So a few short weeks later we met for coffee and we’ve been pals ever since!

I asked MK to be my first guest writer on my blog and she has chosen to write about a topic I strongly value, but don’t know much about. Grab a LaCroix, bust out a few dance moves and check out her reasoning as to why you should hire a month-of coordinator.

 Photo by Ashley Dahl Photography Photo by Ashley Dahl Photography

Why You Should Hire a Month-of Coordinator
As told by Your Day By MK

I like to think of weddings as a moving train.  Metaphor goes as such:

You get engaged! You’ve passed your conductor test and you and your partner are now the conductors of the wedding train! WOO full speed ahead!

Along the way, you take on new passengers such as your family and friends, vendors and all the sorts of DIY things you want to do at all the different stops.

Some of those passengers have also driven trains and as you get closer to your final destination, they come rushing to the front trying to give advice. Maybe the train stops extra long at one stop when it should have already been on its way, but all and all, the train keeps moving.

Now we are only one stop away from the final destination and you both as the conductor have decided to sit in the passenger cars. WAIT WHAT!? The train has now been left unattended! You would have some family members who have driven trains before take shifts but that’s not what they’re here for. What if we have to take a quick detour before the destination because something came up?

Overall the train gets there, for stopping a moving train is a lot harder than you think, the train stays on it’s tracks overall. Maybe just maybe a back up conductor would have been nice.

I like to think of Month-of Coordinators/wedding planners as the Conductor’s apprentice. A couple stops before the final destination, they hop on the train and learn about the train and its occupants. They then talk to the conductors and learn how they would like to get to the final destination, so that when they sit down and enjoy themselves, the train is in good hands.

Simply put, your wedding day will arrive and everything will happen, but how smoothly it goes is a matter of who is in charge.  When I am hired as the month-of coordinator, I start chatting with you and your vendors 2-3 months before your big day so I can learn all about it.  Then the month beforehand, I create a final timeline, do final confirmations with your vendors and make sure everything happens just as you planned. If anything is to go wrong, I got it covered because you’ve prepped me and talked to me about what you like and don’t like.  You should get to enjoy the last couple weeks filled with family and friends and get excited to marry your best friend!

And there you have it, folks! Check out a few photos from some of the amazing weddings that MK has planned! Don’t forget to visit her website!



 Photo by Laurel and Prairie Photo by Laurel and Prairie  Photo by Sarah Crost Photography Photo by Sarah Crost Photography  Photo by Laurel and Prairie Photo by Laurel and Prairie  Photo by Furla Studio Photo by Furla Studio

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