5 Important Questions To Ask Your Wedding Photographer

August 5, 2018

Let’s be real. Asking questions about marriage and weddings is tough, especially when you’ve probably never gotten married before and don’t know really know what to ask.

Here are a few questions you probably aren’t asking wedding photographers before hiring them, but should be.

What photography style(s) do you specialize in?

This question is so important and often gets overlooked. While it is important to hire a photographer who possesses skills of taking great photos, it’s important to know what type of photos you can expect to get in return.

Does your photographer have more of a dark and moody editing style, or light and airy? Do they like to utilize natural light or do they shoot a majority of their photos with flash? Do they pose their couples or just capture them naturally? Do they find themselves photographing in a documentary style? Being creative and artistic in their photos? These are all important to truly understand your photographer’s overall style!

For example, my editing style is bright, light and colorful. I like my photos to be a close representation of how they are seen in real life with an added “wow” factor. Check out more of my work by visiting my gallery.

I will absolutely pose you, but not in an uncomfortable “we’re going to our senior prom and mom made us take a photo like this on the stairs” type of way! I will get you into a “pose” that flatters your body and makes you look awesome on camera, then I will give you a prompt or something to do. Trust me, you’ll be giggling and laughing real laughs and giggles! I will take artistic and creative photos as well as documentary style photos so you can re-live moments of your day that you may not have seen or been apart of.

What exactly is included in your packages?

There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to this question, but it’s important to ask so that you are aware of what your budget is getting you and what you need to be thinking about as far as purchasing it later on down the road. Some photographers offer prints or albums in their packages, some just offer the digital photos.

It’s also wise to ask your photographer what happens if you would like to book them for more time or if an engagement session is included in their packages.

Don’t forget to also ask if you are able to purchase prints and albums through your photographer, even if they don’t list them in their packages. This is an easy way to get great quality prints through the expertise of your photographer!

As for me, I have various hourly packages, all with the option to purchase prints, albums or canvases once you get your photos back. In my top two packages, I offer complimentary engagement sessions to my couples. If a couple would like to book me for additional time after signing a contract, no biggie I have an additional hourly rate that I charge them.

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Want to inquire about my wedding photography pricing? Click here!

What is the deposit and total fee?

Not only is this important to know so you can anticipate how much you will be spending, but it is also important to know when it is due. This way you can line up your budget calendar and see when the big bucks are all going to be due for all of your other wedding vendors like the florist or venue.

Who photographs my wedding if you aren’t able to?

This is a question I think a lot of photographers don’t like answering because let’s face it, we don’t like thinking about the slight possibility of not being able to capture your big day! When asking this question, it is important to realize that even though we would like to have on a big coat of armor and be indestructible, we are humans too.

When do I get to see my wedding photos?

Some photographers will send out next-day sneak peeks, while some won’t send out any photos until you get your final gallery. It’s also important to ask how long the process typically is.

There is nothing wrong with a photographer having a turn around time of 2 weeks and there is nothing wrong with a photographer having a turnaround time of 2 months. Typically, a photographer’s turnaround time is determined by how many sessions or weddings they are currently working on, if they are able to outsource their editing and have someone else do some of it, or how many photos are promised in delivery.

Many more factors go into a photographer’s turnaround time, but it’s just sort of nice to know when you can expect that “Your Gallery is Complete!” email and do a happy dance like Marie!


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  1. Kayla Illies says:

    These are GREAT questions to ask a wedding photographer before you hire them!

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