6 Reasons Why You Should Print Your Wedding Photos

August 22, 2018

A lot of couples tend to shy away from forking over more cash to get their wedding photos printed, but I’m here to tell you 5 reasons why you should be getting the photographs that were taken on the best day of your life, your wedding day, printed.

1. Touching combined with seeing is so powerful

There’s something to be said for actually holding a textured, leather wedding album or smooth matte prints in your hands. Not only can you see what you looked like at the moment the photo was taken, but remembering how you felt when the photo was taken is so much more powerful when you are actually touching a photo.

2. You see each photo

When you look through a print box or a wedding album of your photos, you are taking the time to actually look at each photo individually, rather than scrolling through an online gallery and getting lost between images. A lot of times when you scroll through an online gallery, a lot of the photos tend to blend together and look so much more a like. When you take the time to physically flip through the pages of a wedding album, you get to experience each photo.

3. Weddings tell a story

When you look through your wedding album, you are literally reading a story book. From the getting ready photos where you’re sipping mimosas with your gal pals, to the sparkler exit, you are viewing your wedding story from start to finish. When you get to view prints of your story, you get to experience it in such a different way than you would by simply scrolling through your online gallery.

4. Looking at prints can become a tradition

Make it a tradition to flip through your wedding album or go through the print box of your wedding photos that is sitting on your coffee table in your living room whenever you have family over for the holidays or it’s a wedding anniversary. Revisiting the prints this way can make you so much more emotionally connected with your wedding photos than plugging in a usb drive into your laptop and scrolling through.

5. Photos are meant to be pieces of artwork

Not sure what to hang above the cute little coffee station you have in your kitchen’s entryway? What about the photo of you and your love twirling at sunset on the evening of your wedding? Your wedding photos become a piece of your home when they are displayed, not just something shoved in a drawer somewhere.

6. You can pass them on for future generations

You know how as a kid, our parents printed so many photos of us? Whether it was a family vacation at Disney World or our sister’s Barney themed birthday party, our memories were printed. We could flip through those albums whenever we wanted to go down memory lane. Now imagine if our children don’t get to experience the same thing because everything is on an iPad or laptop?

Let not only your currently family experience the joy you had on your wedding day, but allow your future family to experience it too. How special would it be to have your grandchildren’s children be able to touch, feel and hold the album you received from your wedding photographer shortly after your wedding day?

Ultimately, your photos are meant to be viewed. Allow one of the best days of your life a chance to be a piece of your home, whether it’s through wall art, a linen album or a box of prints.

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    Great blog post for brides to read 🙂

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