5 Fun Photo Ideas to Incorporate Into Your Wedding Day

August 29, 2018

There’s so much more to your wedding photos beyond the family formals and photos during the ceremony. Have some fun with your wedding photographer with these five photo ideas that you can do on your wedding day!

1. Pop the Champagne

Let’s pop the bubbly! This is a super fun photo to tie into your wedding day, especially if your wedding party is a lively and energetic group. My friend Micah Jane Photography taught me this trick.

The key is to plug the spout with your thumb, similar to if you were to plug a spraying hose, and shake until KABOOM! Just be sure not to point it directly at your photographer. The natural reactions will be priceless.

2. Thank You Card Photo

I wish that my husband and I got this photo for our wedding! This is a great photo to ask your photographer to get, especially if you plan on sending out a thank you card to your guests. You can get them made into photo postcards, or just include this photo in the card.

Something else that is a fun photo to do on your wedding day is to bring other holiday props with like a flag for the 4th of July, or a sign that says Happy Holidays or Merry Christmas. You’ll be set for various holidays for years to come!

3. Love Letters

Writing a letter to your significant other to open and read on your wedding day is always a great photo opportunity because of all of the raw, real emotions. You could either do this before your first look, or substitute it for the first look, and read them while holding hands, but not seeing each other like what Emma and Wesley did.

4. Visiting Somewhere Special

I love when my couples set aside some dedicated time to travel to different places for their portrait time together! Kristina and Donovan wanted to visit the location they had their first date at, so we stopped at Black Dog in Urbana, IL.

5. Sunset Sneak-out

Photographers looooveeee golden hour because the lighting is prime for portraits, so if you and your photographer are down to sneak out for 10-15 minutes to get some photos taken when the lighting is at it’s best, you won’t regret it. Plus, at this point in the wedding day, you’ve already let loose and are just having fun!

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