Why I Love Using Dubsado for my Wedding Photography Business

July 25, 2019

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Why I Love Using Dubsado for my Wedding Photography Business

Many business owners out there are very loyal to their CRM tool (Client Relations Management) and I’m no different. Dubsado has my heart. There are soooo many reasons why I love using Dubsado for my wedding photography business.

As an affiliate, I can offer new subscribers 20% off their first month or year, so I figured I would take this as an opportunity to recruit more to the Dubsado fam!

Not only do I love Dubsado because it helps me keep track of my leads/inquiries, current clients and past clients, but it does so much more for me. Here are a few reasons why I love using Dubsado for my business.


Free Client Migration

If you are thinking about jumping on board with Dubsado but already are set up with a different CRM software like Honeybook, don’t let that defer you. They offer free client migration. They call it White Glove Migration. Here’s what’s included: Migration from one system, jobs and contracts attached to them, import of client date if your previous CRM allows for a mass export, invoices and payments made on that invoice and forms on projects can be brought over as PDFs. You can learn more about White Glove Migration here.

Scheduler Software

Say goodbye to your scheduling software like Calendly or Acuity because the Dubsado scheduler is FREE with a paid Dubsado plan. I’ve been waiting for this ever since they began teasing it. The scheduler allows you to have your clients set up appointments with you. They can choose the date and time from a calendar with your available time slots. It helps a ton with avoiding double booking and allows you to easily narrow down your appointment options, so you don’t overwhelm your clients. You know how easy it is to make a dentist appointment with a company that allows you to do it entirely online? That’s this.

scheduler software in dubsado

Read Receipts for Clients  

Something I love about the email system with Dubsado is it tracks whether or not a client has opened up an email that I sent them from Dubsado. This helps me a ton when I am trying to determine how soon after my initial email I should be following up with them. It also helps me gage whether or not a person received my email and is aware of the information in it, but just didn’t reply to it because they didn’t need to.

Integration With Other Softwares

Dubsado integrates with my Quickbooks account as well as my Square and PayPal accounts so I can easily have clients pay me, either directly through their PayPal account or with a credit card.

One of my favorite integrations is the one with CloudSpot. CloudSpot is what I use to send my clients their photo galleries. I can easily send a client gallery directly from Dubsado with a cute little button for clients to view. This way, I know when my clients are viewing and opening up their emails with their gallery link too!

dubsado integrates with cloudspot and other tools like quickbooks

Branding Consistency

You are able to tie in elements of your brand within your Dubsado with your logo, brand colors and how you customize your forms with brand images. I love this because I feel like my clients get a consistent view of my brand, whether on my website or receiving an invoice from me from Dubsado.

With branding comes consistency, something I learned in my first year of business. I am so fortunate that Dubsado allows me to be consistent and organized when it comes to branding.

Invoicing and Contracts

Invoicing and contracts were the two reasons I originally onboarded with Dubsado. I was looking for a way where I could send my clients invoices and contracts entirely online, so that I could eliminate mailing checks and signed contracts all together. It’s so quick too! I can now send over a contract and invoice to a client and it takes them less than 5 minutes to review everything and sign! The best part is they have tons of templates too if you are looking for guidelines and sample contracts.

client invoicing in dubsado

Client Questionnaires

I send client questionnaires a few different times during my client experience and I love how Dubsado allows me to send questionnaires entirely online for my clients to fill out. My clients love the ease of it all and I do too!

client questionnaire in dubsado

Automation and Workflows

One of my absolute favorite features in Dubsado is how you can automate a ton of your workflows. To be honest, I am still learning exactly how I want my workflow to be, but I do have the initial inquiry process automated with Dubsado and I couldn’t love it more. When someone inquires with me on the form on my website (The form is made on Dubsado which was then integrated into my site), it automatically sends them my pricing guide. I love this because I don’t have to be checking my email every 20 minutes, refreshing it to see if a new inquiry has come in.

Before Dubsado, I always felt like I was losing out on an opportunity to make money, but now that my initial inquiry process is completely automated, I don’t worry about it anymore. When someone completes the form on my site, they get a message that says to check their email for a pricing guide with more information. From there, once they open their email, the email explains to them my pricing and also mentions I will be in touch with them soon. This cuts down so much of my stress!

Great Customer Service Team

I have never met a customer service team that does a better job than Dubsado. Seriously guys. Not only do they have a Facebook group specifically for their users where you can ask questions to each other and have a sense of community, but their help center on their site is completely responsive. The best part? They actually listen to feedback they get form their users.

Client Portal

I am still nailing down my overall client experience, but a huge plus for Dubsado is its ability to create a client portal for each of your clients. Basically, all it is is a place for them to log into and see all of their emails, forms, questionnaires, contracts and invoices all in one place. It’s super easy to set up too! You just create a log in and password for your clients. I’ve even seen some photographers or other business owners create login access directly on their homepage, making it easy for clients to remember where to go to log in and see their account.

client area sign in for dubsado client portal

Final Thoughts

Friends, the best part is you do not need to be a photographer to use Dubsado. You can be any type of creative or business professional who is looking for a way to master their system, excel with their client experience and keep track of their business better. I can’t imagine using any other CRM tool for my wedding photography business other than Dubsado.

Lock in a special rate, plus 20% off your first year or month using the affiliate code “ashleydahlphotography”. Sign up now. 

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