Flowery Summer Lilacia Park Engagement

August 7, 2019


Kaila slid into my DMs a few days before their engagement session and showed me a selfie of what her and Erik were wearing for their engagement session. Holy cow. I knew we picked the most perfect location because all of the summer flowers at Lilacia Park in Lombard, Illinois complimented their white and navy attire so so well.

I met Kaila before she booked with me at a Starbucks so I was pumped to get to OFFICIALLY meet Erik after hearing so many awesome things from Kaila! They were just as adorable in person as they are on Instagram, let me tell ya!

Erik and Kaila absolutely love going on vacation together, going to weddings (they say they are always that one couple on the dance floor the whole time!) and also doing little every day things like grocery shopping and cooking together.

I asked them what their plans were after the session and they said they were going to go out to dinner since they were already dressed up (and getting your engagement photos done is the PERFECT thing to celebrate with a dinner for two!).

That’s when we realized Kaila and Erik have the same exact problem my husband and I have…we both enjoy spending money on dining out haha!


Flowery-Summer-Lilacia-Park-Engagement-Session-0002 Flowery-Summer-Lilacia-Park-Engagement-Session-0003Flowery-Summer-Lilacia-Park-Engagement-Session-0004 Flowery-Summer-Lilacia-Park-Engagement-Session-0005 Flowery-Summer-Lilacia-Park-Engagement-Session-0006Flowery-Summer-Lilacia-Park-Engagement-Session-0007 Flowery-Summer-Lilacia-Park-Engagement-Session-0008Flowery-Summer-Lilacia-Park-Engagement-Session-0009Flowery-Summer-Lilacia-Park-Engagement-Session-0010 Flowery-Summer-Lilacia-Park-Engagement-Session-0001

Flowery-Summer-Lilacia-Park-Engagement-Session-0011 Flowery-Summer-Lilacia-Park-Engagement-Session-0012 Flowery-Summer-Lilacia-Park-Engagement-Session-0013 Flowery-Summer-Lilacia-Park-Engagement-Session-0014 Flowery-Summer-Lilacia-Park-Engagement-Session-0015 Flowery-Summer-Lilacia-Park-Engagement-Session-0016 Flowery-Summer-Lilacia-Park-Engagement-Session-0017 Flowery-Summer-Lilacia-Park-Engagement-Session-0018Flowery-Summer-Lilacia-Park-Engagement-Session-0019

One of my favorite moments during our session together was this right here. I asked Erik and Kaila to practice their first dance and MAN did we get some MAGIC! These two had so much chemistry on this pretend dance floor we created and they zeroed in on each other for a few quiet moments.Flowery-Summer-Lilacia-Park-Engagement-Session-0020Flowery-Summer-Lilacia-Park-Engagement-Session-0021Flowery-Summer-Lilacia-Park-Engagement-Session-0022Flowery-Summer-Lilacia-Park-Engagement-Session-0023

Counting down the days until we can recreate this first dance moment at their wedding next May at Ruffled Feathers Golf Club in Lemont, Illinois!



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